27 July 2008

Pray for my Little Kitty

Someone in the neighborhood poisoned all of the cats and our little kitty was also poisoned, we knew as soon as we saw her that someone had poisoned her so we gave her some milk right away and Arthur said that if she lived for 30 minutes more she might make it. So I stayed with her for a while to make sure she drank the milk and stayed comfortable, she made it. She is still feeling sick but was able to eat some food yesterday so we think she will make it. The neighbors were not so lucky, one guy lost all of his cats and blamed Arthur. We think he is trying to pick a fight with the family, Greeks are strange like that.

This is a photo of little kitty looking into KokaRoka, she is so well trained that she doesn't even come in when the door is open.
If you are wondering her kittens did not eat the poisoned food, so they are doing fine, but they had to fight off the fox when it came around the same night that their mother was poisoned.

1 comment:

Jeanie said...

Such a cute picture.... if it weren't so far away, I would suspect Mike as the culprit... he hates cats!

I tell him one of these days, I will replace him with a cat...