12 July 2008

I think everyone should learn a little Greek

Obviously if you don't want to learn Greek then you don't have to read this blog entry.

So today I thought we would do a little grammar lesson.

When you come on your Ταξιδι (trip) to my σπιτι (house) you will be coming to the town of Καλαμπακα (Kalampaka) where the Μετεορα (Meteora) rocks are.

The Greek language does not have a B in it, the β you see sounds like a V. So in order to make a B you combine the Greek letters (showing upper case and lower case together) Mμ (Mm) and Ππ (Pp), they also do not have a D, the Δ you see sounds like th. So to make a D you combine the Greek letters Νν (Nn) and Ττ (Tt). So if your name was Braden it would be spelled ΜΠΡΑΝΤΕΝ. p.s. the P is a R so my name is spelled MAPA.

What is the proper spelling of where I live when translated into English from Greek?

You may wonder why I am doing this and it is to help me, the more I write it down the better I understand it, so thank you for going through my Greek lesson's with me.

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