08 July 2008

Weekend at the Lake

Arthur has a friend from Australia visiting with his family, Tony is taking the picture, his wife and three kids are pictured above with Arthur and I. Tony was born in Australia but both of his parents are Greek and his mother was from Kalampaka, Tony and Arthur met here in Kalampaka in 1993 and became very good friends quickly. We took them to Lake Plastiras and had a great lunch and then played in the lake.
I'm glad Nik doesn't have any older siblings, he didn't take a nap all day he was so excited to see and play with other kids. He was especially fascinated by their youngest Emanuel (3), Gabe (6) is the one giving a big grin and Eleni (8) is playing peek-a-boo one of Nik's favorite games.
Here Nik enjoying some watermelon while sitting on Leticia's lap, he has really developed a taste for any fruit and will eat anything you give him.
Ready to play in the Lake, here he is waving to mommy.
Last minute sunscreen application, Eleni was a super smart kid and had her swimsuit already on, I wish I had thought of that.
Eleni and Gabe took out the canoes, while us big kids and little kids hoped onto the paddle boat. The paddle boat had a lot of white spiders on it, definitely not a ride for the arachnophobic.

Gabe and Tony
Baby Nik playing in the water

So wiped out when we got home, he fell asleep rubbing his eye, poor little tyke he only had maybe a total of 2 hours of napping broken up in 15 minute interludes all day.


Anonymous said...

Wow he sure is growing like a weed! Looks like a fun weekend!

Jennifer said...

Food,family, and water What fun. Love, Ma