20 December 2008

Book Lover

Nik loves his books, I have put them in a box for him and he will get them out himself and look through them. He even has the ability to lift the flaps in the flap books, but I have to really watch him because he will try to pick the book up by the flap and he has already partially torn one. Tim and Rhonda sent the book above about kisses and Jeanie sent a book that counts ladybugs and he likes anything he can feel or touch. Although yesterday I caught him trying to eat one of his smaller books, so perhaps they should create children books that have eatable paper that taste like chocolate or berries, YUM. He follows me in his love of books, I love this kid and everyone is right the surgery didn't slow him down one bit. In fact he came out of it talking more and more, I guess being around other children got him interested in speaking more.


Jeanie said...

Mara, you might be on to something there. Edible books, with vitamins and brussel sprout flavors!

Nik is so cute!

Happy reading!

Kelly said...

Nik- We are glad you are doing so well! We hope we get to meet you some day soon! Miss you guys!
Merry Christmas!