06 December 2008

Xronia Polla


Today is St. Nikolaos day, perhaps Eric and Jon will remember when we lived in Germany and Mom used to fill our shoes with sweets or switches depending on whether we were good or not, well today is the day. In Greece they celebrate their "name days" more than their "birth days", which makes it easier on wishing people Xronia Polla, or basically many years, because hey you just have to remember your friends name, pretty easy.
So Nik will get a few presents today a book from G-Pa and Ge-Ge and a wooden toy from me. Pictures to follow.


Anonymous said...

Xronia Polla Nik!

Jeanie said...

Love the pictures, especially the one of Nik waving at McDonalds. What blue eyes he has!

So glad you are home and can get rested up.