04 December 2008

Happy Boy

We have a very strong and happy boy on our hands, he's giggling and waving at everyone, he loves all of the action and attention. He is now free of all tubing and eating solids. He is already up and walking even with 12 stitches in his belly, I remember when I had my cesarean I didn't want to move and this kid was kicking at the heels to get up and get going. In fact this is why he is drip free he started walking around and Arthur couldn't stop him and the needle was on his foot and it kind of dislodged and made things a little bloody, so it came out. The nurses were going to put another one on but I spoke to a doctor and they decided not to and instead gave us some kid medicine in case he gets any pains since they can't administer it via the drip fluid.
We may be going home this Friday or Saturday, so we are checking out of the hotel tomorrow in hopes of it being Friday. All they have to do is remove the staples and we are off.


Anonymous said...

That is one tough kid, but then he will have to be. Glad he is better. TC

Jeanie said...

So glad to hear how well little Nik is doing. I sent him a package! Hope he stays still long enough for you to read to him!

So, will he still need another surgery or is this it?

Prof said...

And we have sent you some books for Junior via Amazon and let them ship it international. Let me know if they get there and your Amazon gift cards are in your email accounts.

Jennifer said...

I've been waiting for the good news. Love, Grandma Peters