16 December 2008

Caleb's Dance Partner

If Caleb needs someone else to dance with, Nik will be more than happy to join in. You can tell if he doesn't like a song because he won't dance to it or wave his arms around.


Jeanie said...

Sooo cute. I think he is going to be a band director!

Candy said...

He's a little dancing machine!! I would definately dance with him. I finally got the books in the mail for little Nik from the Wades, the Smiths, Granny and Grandpa B., and Leah and Terry Clayberg. Hope he enjoys them. We are snowed in today so I didn't have to go to work. I love a day off! Hope baby is doing well after his surgery. He looks like it hasn't slowed him down much!! Much love to all!

Tindy said...

Thank you for the continued blogging with updates. You all look like you are doing great. Baby boy is full of vigor!!

Love that!

Aunt Tindy

Jennifer said...

Dancing....I was just going to say that we don't have to hold our breath when he is walking now and then.....I do think that "tipsy" walking is behind you now. He'll probably start running next. Get on your track shoes. If he's like Owen you might need a net. Oh well, it's good for the waistline. Love, Ma

Tindy said...


Your cousin Dillon (now 19) used to be a good dancer when he was your age! He's not a bad dancer now either.

Aunt Tindy