06 December 2008

Hospital Photos

We have just arrived and already both inside elbows have been prodded looking for blood, but as long as he gets to listen to Guns and Roses he is okay.
Hey Mom, I can push my own drip system.
He pulled out both needles placed in both of his hands so next they will put one in his foot, but this doesn't slow him down.
No room for mom in the crib.
After surgery and already trying to figure out how to get these darn tubes out of his hands.
I'm exhausted, but he's just fine.
Happy boy, all tubing has now exited his body.
Either he is happy chewing on my chap stick or he is still drugged.

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Anonymous said...

some of these pics are hilarious! love the one of you crashed out next to Nik! I bet you were both exhausted. Glad to see him smiling and happy.