31 December 2008


Well we bundled Nik up like the little brother on "The Christmas Story" and just like that kid he didn't like it to much. But here we are sledding down a side street.


jon said...

Was that Nik's bathtub or a regulation sled? Caleb liked the video, he said Weeeee too.

Jennifer said...

I think he just loved it. We did. I think I've tried out a sled just like that one. He's probably not ready to be dumped out yet. Yesterday I saw some kids on a 4wheeler. When they turned around the little one flip off the back. Stick with the little tub.

mara said...

It's what we keep the dirty laundry in and when he was little we bathed him in it.

Tindy said...

Winter Olympic bobsledding in Vancouver, British Columbia coming real soon. Are you in training for the Greek Team?

Aunt Tindy