06 December 2008

Happy Boy, Happy Meal

Here we are at McDonald's, for babies first try at a high chair and a happy meal. His favorite thing is to point at everything from people to things that he sees, including mom and dad.

Mmmmmm.... what should I order, well he had the chicken nugget meal and did a real good job at eating the chicken he also enjoyed some fries and some of dad's cheeseburger and mom's strawberry milkshake.
His appetite has only improved since the operation, he likes to eat just like his mom and dad.
Did I tell you how sunny it was, we didn't see the sun the whole entire time we were up there and on the day that we left it shone so brightly that we were all blinded by it. I guess the Greek Gods were also excited to see Nik leave the hospital and go home.

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Candy said...

We are so glad that Nic's surgery is past and that he looks terrific. Love the pictures of your family and updates on Nic. I would guess that you will be happy to be back home and back to your regular routines.