28 December 2008

First Christmas

On Christmas Eve we opened the box from the Bridgman Clan in Washington and Nik was very excited. Lots and Lots of Books, Arthur was pulling them out and I was showing Nik each book and they just kept on coming it was great, I think we have enough books until he has to start school. He loves to play school too (mom taught me this) I will sit him down and he will look at the pictures and point at things he is familiar with. Great-Grandparents B sent a book with cars and trucks and when we got to the picture of an ambulance and a doctor he pointed to the doctor, what a super smart kid.
He likes this little mouse.
On Christmas day he opened a few more packages, Great-Grandparents Nelson in Colorado sent some outfits and a cute little tux, I can't wait to get him into it. I also wrapped a few of the books that he had received earlier in the last weeks.

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